Winnipeg Wedding Testimonials

It really feels amazing when you receive kinds words for doing something you enjoy. The following is a sampling of our Winnipeg wedding testimonials.

“We surely did have a great time with family and friends. This has been two years in the making and it finally happened before the new restriction takes place. We were well taken care of by the staff of Victoria Inn from the time of check-in and check out. The staff during the reception were very accommodating and all our needs were met above expectations. The guests told me that the food was amazing and delicious, they were very satisfied. The front desk staff was very patient in providing our vendors and my family and entourage extra key cards to access our rooms and hospitality room. The kids really enjoyed swimming in the pool.

Cam, thank you so much for your patience and help in making this wedding a success, along with Jason and Jessica. You’ve been very patient with all the revisions and reschedules that we have made. We are forever grateful for everything that you did along the way.

We will definitely recommend Victoria inn to our family and friends.”

– Karen and Alvir


”Recently my husband and I got married in the Embassy Ballroom at your hotel. We just wanted to thank you all so very much for the amazing service we received from the moment we walked in to look at the space. Everyone was extremely accommodating and helpful. When we were setting up the ballroom the night before our wedding, there was always someone available to offer us a hand and we never once felt neglected. The hospitality and honeymoon suites were also so convenient and my bridesmaids and I created such great memories here! The food and service the night of the wedding was outstanding and although a few of our guests liked the open bar a little too much, the staff remained friendly and professional and we had an absolute blast! The head table received extra special care throughout the entire evening. A very special thank you to Stacey who treated us like family from the moment we walked in. Ultimately she is a large part of why we chose the Victoria Inn; we felt very comfortable with her. We came back to spend the night with our daughter the week following our wedding and we were upgraded to a kids theme room very close to the pool, Summer loved it and so did we! Our family would highly recommend the Victoria Inn for any event or simply for a night away from home. We are more than happy to have had our wedding here. Thanks again to everyone!”

– Chrystle, Tim, and Summer McIntosh

”On the Saturday, August 4, 2012, was our Daughter’s wedding, which we had the dinner and dance at Victoria Inn. Our daughter does not live in Winnipeg, so it was left in the trusting hands of my husband and myself to look for a venue. When we saw the Victoria Inn, and talked with a sales personal, the searching was ended. From the first meeting right to the very end, we were totally pleased with the service and communication, and attention to details from the staff. The banquet sales person that I was working with was impressive to work with. Coming down to the last minute details, I was phoned a number of times with questions and just double checking on the details of set up, etc. I was totally at ease, knowing that I had nothing to worry about. The ballroom looked so beautiful, the brand new carpet installed just the day before was awesome, the food was just so very delicious, buffet style was chosen. The staff that evening did indeed bend over backwards to help us. I had some technical problems helping my daughter, the bride, with something, which put us behind schedule by about 15 minutes, just before the receiving line was to begin. My husband was speaking with someone on staff, and it was suggested to put the meal back by the 15 minutes, and that worked out just perfectly. Everyone that I talked to, and many came up to me to tell me, all of the same info as what I have just stated here. Even a few weeks after the wedding, people are still coming to me and telling of the wonderful wedding we had, the food, service, venue, etc. Many of us would certainly recommend you and your facility to anyone who would be planning events. I certainly would not hesitate to book the ballroom again. Many of our family members, including ourselves also stayed the night in the hotel, and the rooms were very clean, and comfortable. I would rate the planning from day 1 to even the week following, with the “wrap up” an AAAAA+++++ rating.

Thank you Stacey and Victoria Inn for all the help and knowledge and expertise in allowing us to have a very happy, successful wedding for our Daughter and new Son-in-Law.”

– Nancy Marshall– Winnipeg, Manitoba

“A note of sincere thanks to your staff for their hosting of our wedding this past weekend. From the serving staff to the Banquet 
Captain in charge – all were so friendly, so helpful and all of our guests were pleased. The food was delicious and plentiful. 
We’ve never experienced such true service at a banquet – where usually food is simply placed in front of you. Hats off to your 
banquet staff! Our event was hosted with the utmost professionalism by all of your staff. It was a pleasure to do business with 
the Victoria Inn.”

– Julie & Kevin

“Reagan and I are so glad your hotel had our wedding date available. The day of our wedding was wonderful and it was great that you worked that evening. Knowing that you were there made me feel relieved. The banquet staff that took care of our reception we’re great. The chefs prepared such a delicious meal that our guests are still talking about. Now that all that planning is all done in a way it made me a little sad that I didn’t have anything else to do. I really enjoyed dealing with the Victoria Inn and all the staff that made our wedding day so special. The Victoria Inn is very lucky to have such great people working for them. I hope in the future I have an opportunity to work with the Victoria Inn again. It was a lot of fun. We can’t thank you enough for how awesome you 
were with us. Another bride/groom will be in very good hands.”

– Wendy and Reagan